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Our Mission is to provide individual service and careful attention to client needs. We believe, It is one thing to practice immigration law and quite another to be a dedicated client advocate. We strive, as an organization, to do the latter. So, we can proudly say that we are in the business of Serving Immigrants Serving America! ®

These are actual testimonials from our clients received by e-mail.  The names have been changed to protect privacy.



PERM – Employment Based Green Card

Our I-485 got approved finally, took 11 yr 5 months. We got the email approval notification last week and expecting the cards sometime this week. I started my journey with Vaman back in 2007, but we could start only in Sep 2009.
We can’t appreciate enough Vaman and entire his team’s help and support in my pursuit of PR. THANK YOU very much from bottom of my heart.

– Sriram, USA, E-mail

Employment Based Green Card w/Child Aging Out

We are in receipt of the approval letter for our Green Card. Thank you for all your hard work with the applications and salvaging our case from the ashes . This is a big miracle and relief and it comes with a lot of gratefulness. Words cannot express all that I would like to say about this journey.

— Mary, USA, E-mail

Employment Based Green Card – MTR Filed after AC21 situation

Thank you and Vaman for all your assistance throughout the process.


Just wanted to update you that our I-485 interview went well and now our online case status is showing “Case Was Approved”. Hopefully we should expect receive our green cards in next couple of weeks. Thanks you very much for all the support and guidance you have provided to us.

— Anand, USA, E-mail

PERM based employment case (EB3)

We should expect receive our green cards in next couple of weeks. Thank you very much for all the support and guidance you have provided to us.

— — Ajay, USA, E-mail

Employment based green card for Management Analyst

Dear Mr. Vaman, I cannot thank you enough for your services that you have rendered on our behalf. I had a wonderful experience with you and your staff during this difficult time. I really appreciate all your patience in the tough times and understanding our situation.

If it weren’t for your analytic skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn’t have been settled by now.

Me and my family will always be eternally grateful to you for all of your efforts.

— Vinod, USA, E-mail

I-140 Approval

Hi Vaman,

Great job by you and your team on this one — and great result!  I’m delighted!

— Winters. C., USA, E-mail

PERM Approved

This is TRULY GREAT NEWS! Congratulations!
I want to extend a special thanks to Vaman Kidambi for so skillfully helping us through some of the difficulties we faced.

— Sam, USA, E-mail

Approved – Employment Based Green Card – Tennis Coach

I just saw it on the website that my case was approved!!! I am besides myself, extremely happy and relieved!

THANK YOU so much for all your work and your patience with me during the process!  – Maya, USA, E-mail

H-1B Maxed Out; PERM Audited-I-140 Approval

Dear Vaman, Yasmin, Andres,

Thank you so much for this good news. On behalf of the company and my family, we appreciate your effort and support to make my case strong. Thank God! One more to go, H-1B. I’m sure we will overcome, since I know my case is in good hand 😊.

— Prakash, USA, E-mail

I485/Green Card

We had the interview today at USCIS field office. The case officer informed us that the application is approved and we should be receiving the green card within a month.

Many thanks to the team for all the support during this process.


— Uma, E-mail

Green Card

Dear Mr. Kidambi,

Today we received our green card approvals. I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you extended to us in last 14 years. I still remember talking to you for the very first time when we filed the first H1B in 2005.

Sir, it’s been a long and eventful journey to the path of being recognized as something in this country and not just an Alien authorized to work. I came to US in 2004 to go to the full time business school and my fees supported the scholarship for the domestic students. Paid all kinds of taxes on the hard earned money for 15 years and still was always doubtful if we will ever able to call this country our home.

Today, because of you and Andres, our dream has become a reality.

Thank you both for everything. God bless you!!

— M.S., USA, E-mail

I-140 Approval

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great news.

I can’t express in words about the feeling.

I am Very Happy.

— Imtan, USA, E-mail

Green Card

Thanks a lot Andres, I owe you and Attorney Kidambi a huge party and as promised I will come down there for sure. I had the best experience working with all of you.

— Sundar


Vaman and team
Wanted to let you know that we (Wife and I ) received our green cards. Its been a long wait but I am glad that we deiced to move to EB2 and more importantly hire your firm to represent my case for the Labor / 140. You guys performed an impeccable ground work and laid the foundation of the case so well that the the application processes (Labor and 140, and interfiling of 485) seemed like cake walk.

Thanks a lot for the exceptional services. We are extremely pleased with the services and will surely look to work with your firm as new visa/immigration situations arise.

— Sampath, USA, E-mail

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