Below are some important Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals (BALCA) cases.

5Nov, 2015

BALCA Upholds denial for PW Typo

Nov 5, 2015|

Denial affirmed where prevailing wage validity period on 9089 was less than 90 days. Validity was actually “90 days from date of determination” but dates were entered incorrectly on 9089. (Matter of Guilbert Tex, Inc., 10/14/15).  Read the Balca decision here.

11Jun, 2014

BALCA Reverses PERM Denial for Senior Financial Analyst

Jun 11, 2014|

BALCA reversed the CO’s denial, finding the laid-off U.S. worker clearly lacked the required experience and skill in specified accounting and modeling programs based on the face of the worker’s resume and the employer’s ETA 9089. (Matter of Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 2/10/14).  Read the BALCA case.

1Aug, 2013

BALCA OKs Omission of Language Requirement in NOF

Aug 1, 2013|

BALCA reversed the denial, finding the omission of a Spanish language requirement in the Notice of Filing was not by itself fatal to the application where the overall text of the NOF was sufficient to apprise U.S. workers of the job opportunity. (Matter of Architectural Stone Accents, 7/3/13). Read the BALCA case here.