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P-3 Visa

P-3 classification may be accorded to artists or entertainers, individually or as a group, coming to the United States for the purpose of a unique or traditional ethnic, folk, cultural, musical, theatrical, or artistic performance or presentation.

Our approach to processing P-3 Visas

20 years, 1,200 Artists, 10 days, 1 Festival! Our Dedication to the P-3 Visa Process

Read our blog post on Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival.

The following documentation is required to process P-3 visas:

Proof that the Entertainment Program is culturally unique

  • Copies of reviews in Newspapers and Magazines about the event/festival
  • Copies of letters of commendation from distinguished artists and Associations
  • Copies of other published material on the Festival, including but not limited to letters received from well wishers

Proof that the Group/Individual is coming to the United States to perform in a culturally unique program

  • Evidence of Bookings, contracts, program guide etc. in the form of a program schedule/itinerary

Information pertaining to each individual member of the Group

  • Resume or Write up about the artist detailing awards and honors received. It is important to document that the artist has achieved national or international recognition or acclaim
  • Expert opinions or testimonials about the artist
  • Copies of Passport [first 4 pages and any prior visa page]
  • Photographs, newspaper articles about the artist
  • Certificates, diplomas and other honors received
  • Residential address of the artist abroad

Proof that you are an established Agent or Employer

  • Photographs of past cultural activities sponsored
  • Copies of books [cover page] or other publications released by the Agent
  • Newspaper articles about the Agent
  • Letters and other commendation from prominent persons about the Agent

P3 for Bharatanatyam Dancer and Teacher

For close to 20 years, this Office has been processing P-3 (culturally unique artists and entertainers) visas for the Cleveland Aradhana Festival and for several cultural organizations around the U.S. We were specifically asked to assist a small dance school sponsor a Bharathanatyam teacher to assist with certain Arangetrams planned for the Summer. We were able to work very closely with the leadership of the nonprofit organization (requiring a lot of hand holding) in organizing the paperwork required to process the P-3 petition. What made this exercise unique was the fact that the Dance school had no employees and single volunteer. More importantly, the teacher was a little known performer from a small village in the South of India. The petition was premium processed and approved in two weeks!

P-3 for Cleveland Music Festival

The Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana celebrates its 40th Anniversary in a town known more for its “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” than for celebrating Indian classical music! The artists performing at the Aradhana are extremely talented musicians as evidenced by the itinerary on display for this year. Each one has performed as a group and individually over several years at the Aradhana and brings a wealth of talent to their unique art form.

This year in fact promises to be one of the largest (250 plus) in terms of performers. Delivering the entire group on time and ready to enthrall audiences from all over the U.S. and Canada is a special honor and privilege. Our Office has kept this commitment for 20 years and is extremely proud of its association with the Festival.

Read our blog post on this: https://blog.kidambi.com/2017/04/13/saint-thyagaraja-rocks-the-u-s/

P-3 visa approval

Thanks to your guidance, the new visa petition is approved.

— Venu, USA, E-mail

P-3 Visa

Thank you for all. My visa is finally approved.

– Patel, USA, E-mail

Houston based cultural organization

Thank you and Vaman  for the excellent services offered. Our visas have been approved, smoothly , as always.

— Anil Kumar, Houston, TX, E-mail

P-3 Visa (Indian Classical Musicians)

Dear Vaman and the great staff at Kidambi & Associates our sincere thanks for taking care of the visa processing for our musicians in an absolutely professional and pleasant way. Everything is in order…. we got the interview pre-dated. We will get back to you next year!
– Sri Anand,  NY

Corporate Client, (P3 Visa)

Vaman, Thank you very much. I am now in Chennai India. I received the package today by noon. Fantastic service as usual.
– Venkat,  NY

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