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Client Testimonials

Our Mission is to provide individual service and careful attention to client needs. We believe, It is one thing to practice immigration law and quite another to be a dedicated client advocate. We strive, as an organization, to do the latter. So, we can proudly say that we are in the business of Serving Immigrants Serving America! ®

These are actual testimonials from our clients received by e-mail.  The names have been changed to protect privacy.


H-1B Approval

Sep 13, 2018|

Thank you so much…Sir,
Your team is worth appreciating..

H-1B RFE Approval

Sep 13, 2018|

Thanks for all your help with S…’s RFE. Her h1B approved for 3 years.

She is happy now and conveyed her greetings to you with a big THANK YOU!

Green Card

Aug 29, 2018|

Dear Mr. Kidambi,

Today we received our green card approvals. I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you extended to us in last 14 years. I still remember talking to you for the very first time when we filed the first H1B in 2005.

Sir, it’s been a long and eventful journey to the path of being recognized as something in this country and not just an Alien authorized to work. I came to US in 2004 to go to the full time business school and my fees supported the scholarship for the domestic students. Paid all kinds of taxes on the hard earned money for 15 years and still was always doubtful if we will ever able to call this country our home.

Today, because of you and Andres, our dream has become a reality.

Thank you both for everything. God bless you!!

— M.S., USA, E-mail

Immigration of U.S. Citizen Spouse

Aug 10, 2018|

Yesterday morning at Mumbai US Consular office, post interview my spouse was told that her immigrant visa has been approved. Vaman, I really appreciate your call and guiding us with the interview tips. Please accept our sincere gratitude for your help and support.
Thank you all very much for your excellent services.

L1-A Approval

Aug 9, 2018|

Dear Vaman:

You gave us a biggest surprise of the day by sending the approval package for A…’s petition! We are overwhelmed with your support and guidance in winning this battle!

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the support and guidance on getting the desired outcome on A..’s L1 Petition. Thank you and Dan for working tirelessly to ensure the response was right to get this desired win! If it weren’t for your leadership skills and knowledge, the petition wouldn’t have been in our favor.

A special thanks to Dan Allen, who constantly supported with all the answers. He never denied my calls, or questions, prompt/immediate response to emails and he was very patient enough to deal with my questions. I was even more impressed by the efficiency and professionalism shown during the entire process.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your leadership and entire team at Kidambi Associates.

I-140 Approval

Jul 19, 2018|

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great news.

I can’t express in words about the feeling.

I am Very Happy.

— Imtan, USA, E-mail

Green Card

Apr 9, 2018|

Thanks a lot Andres, I owe you and Attorney Kidambi a huge party and as promised I will come down there for sure. I had the best experience working with all of you.

— Sundar

H-1B Premium Processing

Feb 13, 2018|

Good morning.    I got the information today that my I-129 petition is approved.   I am even more impressed by the efficiency and professionalism shown during the entire process.    My wife and I want to thank you for helping us in the extension.    Your honesty and knowledge gave us confidence and peace of mind during the whole process, which can be very confusing sometimes. You made it easy and surprisingly fast.
Thank you very much for your support and guidance.


Dec 26, 2017|

Vaman and team
Wanted to let you know that we (Wife and I ) received our green cards. Its been a long wait but I am glad that we deiced to move to EB2 and more importantly hire your firm to represent my case for the Labor / 140. You guys performed an impeccable ground work and laid the foundation of the case so well that the the application processes (Labor and 140, and interfiling of 485) seemed like cake walk.

Thanks a lot for the exceptional services. We are extremely pleased with the services and will surely look to work with your firm as new visa/immigration situations arise.

— Sampath, USA, E-mail


Oct 4, 2017|

Dear Vaman and staff members, I finally became a U.S. citizen!
I’m writing to share my excitement as well as to express my gratitude. Thank you for your outstanding and professional services. With your advice and help, my journey of immigration has been an easy and smooth one. I really appreciate your efficiency, professionalism, and friendliness during the entire process. Please let me know if I can leave a review somewhere because I would highly recommend your services. Thank you again!

— Frank. R., E-mail

Perm Approval

Sep 7, 2017|

Hi Yasmin, As I have said before “You are Awesome”.

Thank you so much.

— KW, USA, E-mail

Green Card

Aug 14, 2017|

We would like to sincerely thank you and the entire team of professionals at Kidambi & Associates for the final issuance Green Card with removal of conditional residence. Your personal attention to the case is greatly appreciated.

— M.D., E-mail, USA

Green card

Aug 14, 2017|

Ash and I would like to sincerely thank you and the entire team of professionals at Kidambi & Associates for the final issuance of Ash’s Green Card with removal of conditional residence.  Your personal attention to her case was greatly appreciated.

Green cards

Aug 10, 2017|

Fred is thanking me for making miracles happen.  However, they were your miracles!  Thanks to you and your team for your great work!

Green Card

Aug 4, 2017|

Hello Mr Kidambi/Andres,
The 485 application for me and my wife is approved. Thanks a lot for handling my case and taking care of the recent RFE query.

— P. Singh, USA, E-mail