Employment Based Green Card

2018-03-09T11:50:15+00:00Apr 9, 2012|

Vaman & Andres,  We received my wife's GC and with that we conclude our bumpy ride towards our GC process. Thanks to you both for making the journey looks so calm and so smooth. You get my highest recommendation and I will send anyone coming my way towards you for any immigration process. Thanks again [...]

Family Based

2018-03-09T11:48:47+00:00Apr 5, 2012|

Thank you!! Well Yasmin, the officer who interviewed us, said you were extremely thorough :) She didn't even ask to look at anything from the file i had prepared. Only asked a couple of key questions, and said "I'm going to go ahead and approve this". I had to hold myself firm and not bounce [...]

USCIS Q&As on Extension of OPT and Cap-Gap Regulations

2018-03-07T14:59:48+00:00Apr 4, 2012|

USCIS Q&As, updated 3/29/12, on post-completion optional practical training (OPT) and F-1 status under cap-gap regulations that permit the automatic extension of F-1 student status for certain students with pending or approved H-1B petitions. Extension of OPT and Cap-Gap regulations

Charting H-1B users, as attention shifts to L-1

2018-03-03T21:39:30+00:00Apr 1, 2012|

A news article from ComputerWorld reports that as H-1B visa use stagnates, experts say changes to less strict L-1 could bring U.S. job losses. For sure, the H-1B occupies the center of the workforce visa debate. But there has been little effort in Congress this term to change the H-1B cap, which remains at 85,000, [...]

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