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Good news, J-- got his L1 stamped. Thank you so much Yasmin and team. -- V.R., USA, E-mail

USCIS launches new E-Verify Employers Search Tool

2018-03-07T21:51:59+00:00Jan 23, 2013|

USCIS has just launched its new E-Verify Employers Search Tool, which allows you to find employers currently enrolled in E-Verify. The new tool lets you filter, sort and export results found during your search. Information you can find in it includes: The employer’s business name; Whether the employer is a federal contractor; and The city [...]

Pharmacist (Employment Based Third Preference –EB3)

2018-03-09T11:13:37+00:00Jan 11, 2013|

Hello Mr Kidambi,   Just three weeks back I received the green card for me and my family in the mail and was absolutely thrilled. From the beginning you and your team were very professional and prompt in replying to any queries.    Once again me and my family would like to thank you for everything. -- [...]

H1-B running out of time

2018-02-25T17:37:59+00:00Jan 10, 2013|

For one of our Spanish speaking clients… Uno de nuestros clientes estaba por completar seis años en la clasificación H-1B. La Aplicación de Trabajo Permanente (“PERM”) estaba en proceso; sin embargo, el Departamento de Trabajo emitió una Auditoria. La auditoria causó que se retrasara la Petición Migratoria para nuestro cliente. El Departamento de Trabajo [...]

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