H-1B Medical Worker (Nunc Pro Tunc ) – Approved

2018-03-08T23:09:55+00:00Apr 22, 2014|

Hope you had a great weekend. It was pleasant surprise for me to read that the case got approved. It wasn't easy to believe that finally it happened for which you had been working so hard since past couple months. All the credit for this entire success goes to you, for making me & my [...]

BALCA Finds Employee’s Letter Sufficient Evidence of Required Skills

2018-03-07T17:28:15+00:00Apr 3, 2014|

BALCA found that the employee's letter affirming her knowledge of programming and other skills was sufficient where the audit asked the employer to "provide documentation" without specifying the type of documentation or indicating that the letter must be notarized. (Matter of PARC, 4/2/14). Read the BALCA case here.

H-1B Cap Cases

2018-03-08T23:25:30+00:00Apr 2, 2014|

Hi Vaman, Your office and you have done a fantastic job as always with this year’s H1B cap cases. Everyone was very professional, never once losing their cool through this trying time. I worked the closest with Twana and she was wonderful ! You have a great team. Kudos to all of you !!  Thank [...]

H-1B Cap Petitions

2018-03-08T23:11:09+00:00Apr 2, 2014|

I want to thank you all for ensuring that our H's are done properly and on time, along with all of our other stuff. You are all a pleasure to work with and I'm glad that you are representing us. -- S. Kay, USA, E-mail

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