USCIS Clarifies Scope of Premium Processing H-1B Suspension

2018-03-03T17:19:45+00:00Jun 9, 2015|

In response to an inquiry by AILA, USCIS has confirmed that the temporary suspension of premium processing for H-1B extensions applies to any H-1B petition requesting an extension of stay for the beneficiary regardless of whether the petition is filed by the same employer or is requesting a change of employer. Courtesy - AILA

When Coaches Come Calling – The Comparable Evidentiary Standard in O-1 Visa Processing

2015-06-02T10:15:31+00:00Jun 2, 2015|

Michael Jordan, Steffi Graf, the UConn Women’s Basketball Team, Deion Sanders… other than incredible success, what do think they have in common? They all had incredibly good and hardworking coaches with a knack for producing winners – Phil Jackson, Peter Graf, Geno Auriemma, Jim Harbaugh respectively, were able to nurture nascent talent and through hard [...]

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