Employment Based – Third Preference

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Vaman, My wife and I received our green cards last week. The journey that began in November 2003 has finally come to an end. Throughout this long process, you and your team have been there, through the ups and downs, always there for support and guidance. For that, my wife and I wish to convey [...]

BALCA Upholds denial for PW Typo

2018-03-07T16:26:04+00:00Nov 5, 2015|

Denial affirmed where prevailing wage validity period on 9089 was less than 90 days. Validity was actually "90 days from date of determination" but dates were entered incorrectly on 9089. (Matter of Guilbert Tex, Inc., 10/14/15).  Read the Balca decision here.

BALCA Affirms Denial Where Notice of Filing Lacks Employer Name

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BALCA affirmed denial where the company president's name but not employer’s name was on the NOF. Rejecting the employer's harmless error argument, BALCA said persons providing information to the CO need the employer name as it appears on Form 9089. (Matter of G.O.T. Supply, Inc., 10/6/15). Read the Balca decision here.

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