Expanded Interview Could Create More Delays and Chaotic Outcomes for Employment Based Immigrants

2017-08-31T09:22:21+00:00Aug 31, 2017|

Unsurprisingly, the current administration continues to explore options to target all forms of immigration for singular attention. Unfortunately, employment based immigration, which has largely escaped scrutiny is now under the magnifying glass! For as long as I can remember, USCIS has been increasingly overwhelmed by their workload contributing to slower and slower immigration processing times. [...]

Polished Pearls Foundation Scholarship Program

2018-03-16T15:17:42+00:00Aug 22, 2017|

Kidambi & Associates, P.C. is proud and honored to support the Polished Pearls Foundation that supports the community by, among other things, offering programs to enrich the lives of women and girls of all ages through ASCEND program and the Girls Global Leadership Program, providing scholarships and book grants to children from Fairfield county [...]

Why I Care Who Immigrates to these United States

2017-08-18T10:09:29+00:00Aug 18, 2017|

Recently, I read an article entitled, “Why, as an immigrant, I am not outraged by Trump’s immigration proposal”. The clickbait worthy title aside, I found the very notion that a fellow immigrant would not feel outraged by a reduction in overall immigration to the United States selfish, abhorrent and wholly lacking in compassion. I commented [...]

Green Card

2018-03-07T14:13:57+00:00Aug 14, 2017|

We would like to sincerely thank you and the entire team of professionals at Kidambi & Associates for the final issuance Green Card with removal of conditional residence. Your personal attention to the case is greatly appreciated. -- M.D., E-mail, USA

Green card

2018-03-13T02:12:11+00:00Aug 14, 2017|

Ash and I would like to sincerely thank you and the entire team of professionals at Kidambi & Associates for the final issuance of Ash’s Green Card with removal of conditional residence.  Your personal attention to her case was greatly appreciated.

Green cards

2018-03-13T02:23:43+00:00Aug 10, 2017|

Fred is thanking me for making miracles happen.  However, they were your miracles!  Thanks to you and your team for your great work!

Green Card

2018-03-07T14:14:22+00:00Aug 4, 2017|

Hello Mr Kidambi/Andres, The 485 application for me and my wife is approved. Thanks a lot for handling my case and taking care of the recent RFE query. -- P. Singh, USA, E-mail

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