BALCA Upholds Denial Based on Newspaper Ads with Multiple Openings

2018-09-28T16:39:38+00:00Sep 28, 2018|

BALCA found that while a single ad may be used for more than one position, it does not sufficiently apprise U.S. workers of an opportunity if it does not include the position’s title and includes a careless summary of duties and requirements. (Matter of Igate Global Solutions, 8/30/18). Read BALCA decision(PDF).

Family Based; Citizen sponsoring spouse

2018-10-11T16:23:27+00:00Sep 27, 2018|

Thank you for all of your help and please thank Mr. Kidambi as well. We appreciated the helpful conference calls and interview prep and although the interview did not include many detailed questions, We felt confident and prepared. Thanks again, Moorthy, USA, E-mail


2018-09-26T17:32:52+00:00Sep 26, 2018|

We have received the EAD/AP cards for me and my wife. Thanks again for all the help.  You guys rock as always!!!  

H-1B RFE Approval

2018-09-13T15:29:20+00:00Sep 13, 2018|

Thanks for all your help with S...’s RFE. Her h1B approved for 3 years. She is happy now and conveyed her greetings to you with a big THANK YOU!

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