Collateral Damage: The Consequences of Delays in Immigration

2022-04-15T17:14:08+00:00Apr 15, 2022|

From attempting to change the definition of specialty occupation to expanding in-person interviews to all employment based cases and countless other similar restrictive actions, the previous administration sought to restrict the ability for businesses to attract and retain the foreign talent they needed in many ways. Apart from U.S. businesses being adversely impacted, I know [...]

7 Things to Know About the H-1B CAP

2022-02-23T17:31:40+00:00Feb 23, 2022|

The registration process for the H-1B FY2022 lottery begins shortly, and we have some tips and general guidelines for those looking to file this year. Our office is happy to assist you with these filings at no charge (except the $10 registration fee charged by USCIS). In this linked in immigration article, Attorney Kidambi offers [...]

A Lawyer Does Not Immediately Answer on LinkedIn…for a Reason

2022-02-04T17:30:32+00:00Feb 4, 2022|

Today, when responses are instantaneous and people expect instant gratification, the need to please is compelling. Take for instance the time when a client sent me an email message, followed by a phone call, all within ten minutes looking for an answer to a “pressing matter”. I understood the need for an instant answer, but [...]

Can Employers Withhold Pay for Lack of Time sheets?

2022-01-25T16:26:22+00:00Jan 25, 2022|

Can Employers Withhold Pay for Lack of Timesheets? Employers contact me with this question all the time especially when the employee is off site at a client location. For instance, we had one employer call in frustratedly and complain that the employee had repeatedly ignored requests by HR to turn in timesheets in a timely [...]

Winning Back-to-Back Approvals for EB-1A (Extraordinary Ability) and EB-1B (Outstanding Researcher)

2021-07-14T16:30:23+00:00Jul 14, 2021|

By Matthew Snyder, Esq. Of the employment-based immigrant visa categories, the First Preference category has a certain sense of mystique and fascination. Intentionally, the USCIS regulations sets the bar very high for this employment based category.  For the EB-1A, which does not require an offer of employment, or labor certification, the USCIS suggests the following [...]

Exceptions to Suspension of Entry Due to COVID Surge in India – What to Know and How to Apply for a National Interest Exception Waiver

2021-05-13T21:13:33+00:00May 13, 2021|

Introduction For the past 10 days, we have been fielding calls from clients who have a compelling need to travel to, or from India. Unfortunately, the Presidential Proclamation[1] that went into effect on May 4th has made an already complex situation, more difficult. The US Embassies in India have suspended all routine non immigrant [...]

On this women’s month

2021-03-30T15:37:41+00:00Mar 29, 2021|

By Yasmin Blackburn, Esq. I think about the most important woman in my life. The woman who gave birth to me, the woman who raised me, the woman who was an excellent role model for me and our family. She always, always tried to do the right thing. She was a beautiful soul who [...]

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