Thank you for the help with this. This is obviously a defining moment for anyone’s career and life. It would be interesting to see which prongs they ultimately approved.  Maybe they share the details in the notice. In any case, I shall bring some wine when I see you guys later this week for the I-485 submission.

This Client was frustrated with the lack of movement in visa numbers for India and already had an approved Immigrant Petition (I-140) in the Employment Based Second Preference Category. Highly qualified and earning a high salary, his position warranted further review under the first preference category. We undertook a thorough review of his background, job duties, personal achievements before putting together a winning petition. It is significant that the Client had no publications, or membership in noteworthy peer organizations. His achievements were commercial, and we had to find a way to present his story in a compelling way. Additional pressure was brought to bear when we found out that changes were underway at the Petitioning company. The Kidambi team painstakingly put together each letter and document to build what we believe was an extremely persuasive petition. The client even chose premium processing as a way of seeking quick review.

The petition was approved in record time.