EB-1B – Outstanding Researcher/Professor
Field: Light Scattering and Rheology of Complex Fluids
Cite: Matter of T-C-S-C, ID# 13183 (AAO Sep 28, 2015)
Case: LIN 14 908 13202

The initial petition filed by our Office was denied by the Service. The reasons were cursory and showed a complete lack of understanding of the field and Beneficiary’s formidable achievements as an Outstanding Researcher. More importantly, the USCIS completely ignored the Petitioner’s profile and standing in the field as a leader in innovation. The AAO in sustaining the Appeal had this to say about Beneficiary’s achievements: “The submitted letters attest to the Beneficiary’s standing as a recognized expert in his field and to the widespread use of his work by other researchers internationally. These statements are supported by documentary evidence including citation data. In light of the evidence discussed above and other corroborating evidence of record, we find that the Beneficiary’s achievements in the aggregate are commensurate with being recognized internationally as outstanding in the academic field.” We worked very closely with the Client to help him understand the vagaries of the USCIS adjudication process and how we strongly believed our appeal would be successful. The final Appeal Brief ran to over 50 pages and contained approximately 5000 pages of evidence.