EB-1B – Outstanding Researcher/Professor

Field: Systems Pharmacology – a marriage of two parallel universes – Systems Biology and Pharmacokinetics – Pharmacodynamics (PKPD).

The initial petition for this Client was prepared by the largest Immigration Law Firm in the Country and was summarily denied by the USCIS. The Law Firm told our client that he should just go with an EB-2 Petition since they did not think he rose to the level of an Outstanding Researcher. First, we discovered the initial petition had misclassified the “field of endeavor” and went about fixing this by engaging the client in a discussion about his area of research and how it was unique. We categorized the field as a new discipline that uses “quantitative and computational methods to study emergent behaviors of biological components”. This was further explained through a series of examples and lay person testimony to assist examiners. More importantly, we provided video evidence through a YouTube upload that showed the field itself was in its very nascence and its recent origins were no more than ten years old. The previous petition had no mention of the Petitioner’s standing or profile in the field. This was remedied by engaging in a spirited discussion about the petitioner’s profile as a top-notch innovator with a pipeline of drugs that required cutting edge research. This was further bolstered with a “forward looking statement” from the Employer. Finally, we provided a statement from the FDA according one of the Employer’s products with “Breakthrough Therapy” designation. This was followed by more in depth analysis of the Employer’s R&D process and how our Client played a crucial role in the team. Several letters were offered into evidence to show how Beneficiary satisfied several of the criteria required for designation as an Outstanding Researcher. Particular attention was paid to the various international citations received by peer reviewed publications authored by our Client. Each citation was carefully discussed for its probative value. The USCIS lays special emphasis on the international recognition and scope of peer reviewed publications. The petition was premium processed and approved in two-weeks.