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We take great pride in showcasing some of our interesting cases.  Our dedication and diligence paid off and we received the highest client rating and satisfaction.

Outstanding Researcher – Research Scientist (EB1B)

Thank you very much.
It wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work.

– Prashant M. (assumed name), Research Scientist Large U.S. Chemical Company

When Dr. M approached us with his with his situation, we realized that he did not have any significant publications except, within his own company. He had been out of school only for about two years and most of his research was within the R&D group. And yet, we saw potential in what his R&D group was working with. The key was to leverage his pioneering professional work and satisfy at least two criteria set forth in the regulations for this category. When analyzing the preliminary documentation for this petition, we discovered Dr. M had started working with certain packaging material that could prolong the shelf life of perishable food. We then discovered that his Company was developing this technology to be used in delivering food to hungry citizens in remote corners of the world and areas affected by natural disaster. We were able to successfully show that Dr. M’s pioneering research and contributions, would help alleviate world hunger and bring relief to millions of individuals worldwide. The Petition was filed in December and the Beneficiary received his Welcome Notice in February of the following year – a mere three months from start to finish!

Nov 2, 2011|

EB-1B Outstanding Researcher – Inertial Navigation Systems (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering)

The client approached us after being told he only qualified for an EB-2 PERM based Green Card application. His H-1B had been filed as a Mechanical Engineer. He had no patents or significant research publications to show. However, upon reviewing his resume, we found some significant highlights. His employer – a small business in Alabama, was a pioneering research company, providing critical technology to the U.S. Military. This along with the fact that our client had made a significant contribution to recent innovation within the Company made it possible for us to present a compelling case.

The petition was approved in record time.

Sep 15, 2011|

Extraordinary Ability – Tennis Coach (EB1A)

So, I can open a bottle of Champagne?
Six months from start to finish…not bad!

– JW after receiving the news of his EB-1 Approval

Ranked as a National Coach in his home country, JW came to us with a unique situation. He was starting to coach a young tennis star who was the top-ranked player in the NCAA with an unprecedented 44-1 record. Immediately, we saw what could potentially be an EB-1 filing as an extraordinary tennis coach. We followed the rising young star as he made his way into his country’s national team and the Davis Cup. All along, our Client provided us with timely updates on his coaching and media reports that extolled the strengths of the player. Our immigrant petition was carefully prepared and filed with extensive documentation showing how our client had contributed to the player’s success.

Apr 15, 2010|

Extraordinary Ability – Director of R&D (EB1A)

Wow…..Wow…….Yeehaaaaa!! I tried not to develop too much hope over the last couple of months but this is simply great, great news….thank you so much!! A BIG, BIG thank you already….THANK YOU!!!

– Jo Weiss, (assumed name) Director R&D MNC

Jo Weiss (L-1) contacted us because his employer – a multibillion dollar MNC was unwilling to sponsor his EB petition. The best option available was the EB1A ‘Extraordinary Ability’ category because it does not require a job offer. With immigration attorney forums choc a bloc with horror stories of a recent wave of denials for this category from the Nebraska and Texas Service Centers, we approached this petition with a sense of trepidation. However, we found Jo Weiss to be a remarkable individual with impressive achievements. Imagine our surprise, however, when our carefully prepared initial submission of over 1000 pages with star studded evidentiary material met with a lengthy RFE. Each one of the achievements was simplistically dismissed as not enough to qualify for this category. We then went about preparing our response methodically and with the determination and skill of a seasoned trial team. Gathering evidence and presenting nuanced arguments, we showed how Jo was the contributing brain behind one of the largest R&D operations in the world. With no help from his employer, we were left using public sources of information and Jo’s limited access to non sensitive corporate documentation to piece together a fine response. Jo’s email above captures his mood when he was emailed the Welcome Notice announcing Permanent Resident status.

Apr 15, 2010|

Extraordinary Ability – Indian Classical Singer/Educator (EB1A)

Wanted to let you know they received their Welcome Notice Approvals. Also, Ms. Bhatia (assumed name) received her green card. Also, wanted to thank you for all your help. They’re very happy.

– Mr. Iyer (assumed name), Founder & Director, Indian Arts Center

In a landmark case, we were able to convince the Service that an Indian classical singer in the Carnatic genre met the standards for Extraordinary Ability. Having been associated with the Thyagaraja Aradhana festival held in Cleveland for the past several years, our Office routinely processes petitions for extraordinary Indian classical performers. However, satisfying the requirements for Extraordinary Ability was clearly a challenge. We worked very closely with the artist and provided support in every aspect of evidence gathering. Each achievement was highlighted with meticulous detail. We are extremely happy for this outstanding musician.

Mar 15, 2010|

Extraordinary Ability – Tennis Coach (EB1A)

I just got approved!!! thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much! I can never thank you enough. Yes, the I485 was approved August ()! Very nice birthday present for me. – S. Bennacer (assumed name)

We first processed and obtained an O-1 visa for S. Bennacer to set the stage for a filing under the Extraordinary Ability category. While the O-1 does not automatically guarantee EB-1 approval, it definitely helped us accumulate evidence and hone our argument for why she deserved classification as an extraordinary Coach. Most importantly, we were able to provide Coach Bennacer proper guidance when she was approached by a star pupil. This tennis star proved extremely providential because she came along just as we had started the paperwork for the EB filing. She drew a wild card at the Grand Slam events in Roland Garros and Wimbledon and got to the 3rd round at the French Open and the 4th round at Wimbledon. Her ranking climbed to the top #20 and our case was made.

Mar 15, 2010|
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