Wow…..Wow…….Yeehaaaaa!! I tried not to develop too much hope over the last couple of months but this is simply great, great news….thank you so much!! A BIG, BIG thank you already….THANK YOU!!!

– Jo Weiss, (assumed name) Director R&D MNC

Jo Weiss (L-1) contacted us because his employer – a multibillion dollar MNC was unwilling to sponsor his EB petition. The best option available was the EB1A ‘Extraordinary Ability’ category because it does not require a job offer. With immigration attorney forums choc a bloc with horror stories of a recent wave of denials for this category from the Nebraska and Texas Service Centers, we approached this petition with a sense of trepidation. However, we found Jo Weiss to be a remarkable individual with impressive achievements. Imagine our surprise, however, when our carefully prepared initial submission of over 1000 pages with star studded evidentiary material met with a lengthy RFE. Each one of the achievements was simplistically dismissed as not enough to qualify for this category. We then went about preparing our response methodically and with the determination and skill of a seasoned trial team. Gathering evidence and presenting nuanced arguments, we showed how Jo was the contributing brain behind one of the largest R&D operations in the world. With no help from his employer, we were left using public sources of information and Jo’s limited access to non sensitive corporate documentation to piece together a fine response. Jo’s email above captures his mood when he was emailed the Welcome Notice announcing Permanent Resident status.