This is great A___!! Yasmin….many thanks for all your work on this.
I am grateful for your help.

I received my approval notice (welcome letter) and email that the GC has been mailed via USPS. I should be receiving the physical card in a couple of days.
THANKS A LOT to both of you (and everyone else involved) for your patience and help with getting this through.

Mr. A___ initially entered the U.S. in L-1A status. Subsequently his status was changed to H-1B status. Mr. A and his employer approached us to initiate the process of obtaining permanent residence. We realized that Mr. A___ was still functioning as a multinational executive/manager and qualified for EB-1C. We advised the client accordingly and initiated processing of an immigrant petition in the first preference. The USCIS issued a complex RFE challenging the Manager/Executive nature of the position. Our Office then responded with extensive documentation of the managerial/executive nature of the position. The response to the RFE was in excess of 40 pages and argued Mr. A___’s eligibility for the classification. The petition was approved.