Wowww!!! I can’t believe it!! I am still shaking!! 🙂 You and your team of lawyers are the very very best!! Thank you for your wise advice during this many visas-green card process! I always felt I safe after listening to your advice!! Thank you to Maier for all her work on my case. You Kidambi lawyers ROCK!! 🙂 Big THANK YOU again!

– Flor. T (assumed name), USA

The Immigrant Petition was filed on behalf of a Tennis Coach under the Extraordinary Ability Category. Again, the Office prepared the Petition in a meticulous fashion referencing every major achievement in our Client’s career. We provided sample letters to elicit information from several of the Client’s students and proteges. Because Tennis professionals tend to be extremely busy and rushed for time, the task of helping potential affiants provide helpful letters is always a challenge. We surmounted this problem by, for instance, allowing potential affiants call in and leave long messages, or tape and send us their comments which were then reduced to extraordinarily detailed letters to help our Client’s case. It also helped that the Client worked with a former World #1 player and was part of an academy set up by this Star. However, due to the sensitivity of this Star’s status, care had to be taken with the statement being provided and we had to work closely with the Star’s International Attorney to ensure everyone was happy with the submission being made. Finally, we gathered a record amount of evidence to convince the Service that the Petition was worthy of being approved as filed. The final submission was prepared using the USCIS’s new standard for EB-1 submission.