Can i apply H4 EAD and H1B same time?

2018-03-13T02:53:19+00:00Mar 13, 2018|

You may apply for H-4 EAD and H-1B for Consular Processing for your spouse at the same time. This way, you have the option of choosing one while keeping the other status until you choose to give it up. H-1B consular approval will require your spouse to apply for a Visa abroad.

Can I change to H-1B from L-1B status?

2018-03-02T19:44:25+00:00Mar 2, 2018|

Yes, it is possible to seek change from L to H while still in the U.S. However, the start date of the H-1B would be October 1st of this year. As long as your L-1B is set to expire later than that date, you should be fine. Alternatively, you could seek consular processing, but would [...]

Can I travel while an H-1B Extension is pending?

2018-03-02T19:18:44+00:00Mar 2, 2018|

There is no restriction on travel while an H-1B extension is pending. You could even return with a valid visa prior to the expiration if necessary. Travel will not invalidate the pending petition. You should, however, affix both the I-94 with which you return and the one that you get with the extension to your [...]

Consular Issue – Visa Process at Consulate

2018-03-02T19:16:33+00:00Mar 2, 2018|

We are planning to go to Vancouver on 01-Sep-2010 for H1B visa stamping for my wife. We always assumed that the stamping will be either approved or denied (in which case my wife can travel back on L2 which will be still valid). Today, we got to know that these days visa officers are sending [...]

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