Could this I-94 expiration date be an error?

2018-03-02T00:03:38+00:00Mar 1, 2018|

Q: My wife just joined a new company and received new I94 which has expiration date of March 2015. However she is approaching her maxout time period of 6 years and maxout date falls in Oct 2014. Based on new I 94, does this mean her maxout date is March 2015 and not Oct 2014? [...]

I-94 Transfer Question

2018-03-02T00:04:02+00:00Mar 1, 2018|

I came in United States in February 2013 with Employer A (H1 B valid till Sept 2015) and joined Employer B in November 2013(Got new H1 B visa valid till September 2016). In December 2013 went to India for vacation and did not get my visa stamped with new employer(B)... because my old stamp was [...]

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