Can I change to H-1B from L-1B status?

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Yes, it is possible to seek change from L to H while still in the U.S. However, the start date of the H-1B would be October 1st of this year. As long as your L-1B is set to expire later than that date, you should be fine. Alternatively, you could seek consular processing, but would [...]

How does the L-1 visa speed up the GC process?

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A multinational manager or executive is eligible for priority worker status. The eligibility criteria are similar to the L-1 visa: He or she has been employed outside the U.S. in the three years preceding the petition for at least one year by a firm or corporation and Seeks to enter the U.S to continue service [...]

My husband was on L1. His H1B got approved and we are planning to file my parent’s visa. Can we still file though his status is changed?

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When seeking to write an invitation letter for visitors, it is important to document the ability to support the visitor. Current employment should be documented by means of a letter. An Affidavit showing your ability and willingness to support the visitors during their stay would be required. Please also have the visitor clearly document ties [...]

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