Congrats! Kantan got approved I got an email this morning from the USCIS. Was a little worried without the end client letter, but we also had the confidence that we were in good hands! Thanks for taking care!  —  Santosh P, CFO IT Consulting Company

Documenting ‘Employer-Employee Relationship’ in the H-1B context has become a key requirement for all H-1B filings. The Neufeld Memo on the subject requires that employers document the ‘right to control’ the employee at the client site and in the case of consulting companies requires evidence that is sometimes onerous given the relationship between the sponsoring company and the end client. In this case, the end client had a policy of not releasing any letters and we had to find ways of documenting the relationship effectively to show that the sponsor was indeed a true employer in the H-1B context. The email above speaks for itself.