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Our Mission is to provide individual service and careful attention to client needs. We believe, It is one thing to practice immigration law and quite another to be a dedicated client advocate. We strive, as an organization, to do the latter. So, we can proudly say that we are in the business of Serving Immigrants Serving America! ®

These are actual testimonials from our clients received by e-mail.  The names have been changed to protect privacy.



H-1B Premium Processing Approval

Good morning – Wow , that was quick . Thx for the great news this morning.

— Atul, USA, E-mail

Complicated H-1B and H-4 Case

Hi Vaman,

This is one of the heartwarming part of our jobs!  Thanks sooo much for the help of you and your staff on this one!

— Dave, USA, E-mail

H-1B Approval Premium processing

Thank you so much for your hard work in defending her case. Awesome team work. Kudos to your efforts.

Getting H1b approval is dream come true these days!!!!  — Adam, USA, E-mail

H-1B Maxed Out; PERM Audited-I-140 Approval

Dear Vaman, Yasmin, Andres,

Thank you so much for this good news. On behalf of the company and my family, we appreciate your effort and support to make my case strong. Thank God! One more to go, H-1B. I’m sure we will overcome, since I know my case is in good hand 😊.

— Prakash, USA, E-mail

H1 approval

Just wanted to thank you guys and Vaman for his help for the H1 approval process.

It is always very stressful dealing with immigration related items.

Please let Vaman know that I so much appreciate his help on the matter.

– Arun, E-mail, USA

H-1B Petition for Network & Systems Administrator Approved!


I was very concerned that the approval for this may not come thru. Thanks to your diligence and attention to detail we got the approval and a big sigh of relief for us.

Vaman: We are grateful to you and your wonderful team for the support and extra care they always provide for all of our requests and cases.

– Sam, USA, E-mail


We have received the EAD/AP cards for me and my wife. Thanks again for all the help. 
You guys rock as always!!!


H-1B Approval

Thank you so much…Sir,
Your team is worth appreciating..

H-1B RFE Approval

Thanks for all your help with S…’s RFE. Her h1B approved for 3 years.

She is happy now and conveyed her greetings to you with a big THANK YOU!

H-1B Premium Processing

Good morning.    I got the information today that my I-129 petition is approved.   I am even more impressed by the efficiency and professionalism shown during the entire process.    My wife and I want to thank you for helping us in the extension.    Your honesty and knowledge gave us confidence and peace of mind during the whole process, which can be very confusing sometimes. You made it easy and surprisingly fast.
Thank you very much for your support and guidance.

H-1B Approval

Thank you, I just got approved!
Thank you for your great work and help!

– Evan, USA, E-mail

H-1B Processing and Specialty Occupation RFE Response – Operations Manager – Restaurant Chain

I’m writing this letter to formally thank your firm for representing this case. I really can’t thank you, and your entire staff. The words seem so very simple, but they carry with them all my appreciation!! This whole process was, at times, difficult for us but we were always in good hands. You have handled this case in an extremely competent and professional manner. You are a terrific attorney.

Thank you again for your services.

— AL, USA, E-mail

Premium Processing

My case just got approved. And my wife’s EAD as well. This is really good news. Thanks to you and Mr. Vaman for your’ efforts. Its a big relief for me and family.

— SR, USA, E-mail

H-1B Premium processing

You ALL are awesome!

– JN, Usa, E-mail


Thank you so much for your help and support during the last year. We are tremendously fortunate to have your guidance.

— Nikhil, USA, E-mail

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