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Our Mission is to provide individual service and careful attention to client needs. We believe, It is one thing to practice immigration law and quite another to be a dedicated client advocate. We strive, as an organization, to do the latter. So, we can proudly say that we are in the business of Serving Immigrants Serving America! ®

These are actual testimonials from our clients received by e-mail.  The names have been changed to protect privacy.



H-4 to H-1B Change or Status (Business Analyst)

At least two Attorneys had stated it wouldn’t be possible and had recommended the Client leave the Country.

We got the case approved. Below is the client’s testimonial.

“You have 5 stars. We need more lawyers like you!!!!”

From yahoo reviews:

“Hello, I cannot thank enough to Kidambi and his team. They are approachable and listen to your issue thoroughly. They provide the right guidance. Special thanks to Tiesha who worked on our case. Regardless of how many times we called, she answered all our questions thoroughly. Thank you once again. Highly recommended.”

— Zeina, USA, E-mail

H-4 Nunc Pro Tunc Approval (Gap of 6+ Months)

Dear Mr Kidambi

  1. just saw the ammended H4 approval notice.We would like to thank you very much for all the help and support you provided us during this stressful time. It is a big relief for me from professional and personal life point of view.

We are grateful to both of you for your hard work and professional advice in regaining the legal status of my wife. If possible, I would like to  meet with you in person to say thank you at your convenience.

— Dr VCG, E-mail, USA

H-1B Extension – USCIS Delay

A note to say “Thanks” for all your efforts with following up on K’s case.  When things goes smoothly it’s always difficult to know how good an Attorney really is.  So, thanks again for all the phone calls / emails and further documentation required from your office.

— Rich.R., USA, E-mail

Premium Processing Case

Thanks Vaman, this is such a relief. The credit goes to you and your team, thanks for all your help and support always.

— Seema.B. , USA, E-mail

Premium Processing Case

Thank you very much for great effort from everyone. All our staff in the US, Japan, and India are extremely grateful for your wonderful service!

— Bala, M., USA, E-mail

H1B Approval

Attorney Kidambi,

I got an email from P— this morning; he received his stamped passport this morning!

Thank you once again for your ‘super’ support; I am referring you to many friends and business contacts!

— Vikas, E-mail, USA

H1-B Extension

I thank you from my heart for your hard work and sincere care taken in filing my I-140 and H1B Extension.

I couldn’t believe that things worked out as we planned that too in a short period of time.  I feel very happy to work with caring people and wonderful concern.
— Ramesh G., USA, E-mail

Employment Based Case [H1-B]

I received the approval for A.. (Intent to revoke case). That’s fantastic news. I appreciate the meticulous effort put into responding to this case appropriately. Your expert handling of the case does make a big difference to the individual involved and the company.
– Leonard G., USA

H1-B [Employment Based] Project Manager

Thank you very much for all your effort and due diligence. Vaman – your team is wonderful.
– Manoj K., USA

Medical Resident [H1-B]

Everything went very well in the US consulate and yesterday I received my passport with H1B visa stamped on it. I want to thank you for all your services and for helping with all my questions and concerns. This whole process was a lot faster and easier than I thought it was going to be.
– Valerie J., USA

Employment Based Case H-1B (Vice President Sales)

Thank you for the support and the great work. Really appreciate all that you do.
– Deshmukh P., FL, USA

H1-B Software Engineer

Vaman, thank you so much, we are lucky to be working with Kidambi & Associates.
– Seema B., Naperville, IL

H1-B RFE response

I would like to thank you for your meticulous work in B’s RFE response. I understand it was a tough case and I’m glad you pulled it off with the evidence we were able to garner. It really is a relief. Thanks again!
– Leon. G., Madison, WI

H1-B Approval

Thanks to you and Vaman!! It was all the way you guys; I just followed you.
– Saurabh B., Philadelphia, PA

Corporate Client

Thank you very much for your continued support to our organization. Our employee got stamped in Chennai in addition to others who went to consulate recently. All of us appreciate your hard work and patience in handling the RFEs we had in these cases. Excellent job done by your team Vaman and we all thank you and Yasmin’s personal attention in all our cases.
– Shyam, Phoenix, AZ

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