Attending Physician – J-1 Waiver followed by H-1B

Thanks a lot for the update and good news. I am glad to see it (H-1B Approval following J-1 Waiver) come through and should be able to start the assignment next week now. Your team has been outstanding throughout. Thank you!

Dr. K came to us after completing her residency and in need of a waiver through the Conrad 30 program. Her employer had never participated in the J-1 Waiver program and had never employed a nonimmigrant in H status. The good doctor was nervous about the process and had no assistance from H.R. The Office immediately went to work with the Department of Health and obtained information about a potential complication. The waiver would only be granted after the Doctor was issued a license by the State. What could have turned into a complicated scenario was carefully handled and the Doctor obtained both the waiver and the H approval in record time. The Office stayed on top of the licensing process in addition to the waiver process to ensure the Doctor was able to start by June 1st. Her relieved email above is proof of the commitment and effort that went into the petition process.