Thank you so much for working on my case and getting this approved. It means a lot to me. Given the constantly changing Visa process under the new administration, I am fairly cognizant of how challenging this would have been. Keep doing the great work and help shape peoples dreams. Thanks a ton.

Vaman: Thanks for overseeing this towards the end and all the support and guidance you provided.

While we are connected on Linkedin and your blogs are educational for someone who is trying to immigrate, feel free to share any word of wisdom before my interview.

The Company provides complex data analytics for multinational companies and had to transfer key employees with “specialized knowledge” of the implementation platform. They approached us with a very short deadline and the requirement that the individual, while stationed at the branch, be allowed to work both at the client site and remotely with the overseas development team. After careful planning and working closely with the H.R. team, we were able to obtain adequate documentation to demonstrate the knowledge possessed by the employee was distinct and developed; in addition we showed the complexity and understanding required to work with the platform was not generally available within the company. The petition was filed using premium processing and approved within a week!