Thank you very much.
It wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work.

– Prashant M. (assumed name), Research Scientist Large U.S. Chemical Company

When Dr. M approached us with his with his situation, we realized that he did not have any significant publications except, within his own company. He had been out of school only for about two years and most of his research was within the R&D group. And yet, we saw potential in what his R&D group was working with. The key was to leverage his pioneering professional work and satisfy at least two criteria set forth in the regulations for this category. When analyzing the preliminary documentation for this petition, we discovered Dr. M had started working with certain packaging material that could prolong the shelf life of perishable food. We then discovered that his Company was developing this technology to be used in delivering food to hungry citizens in remote corners of the world and areas affected by natural disaster. We were able to successfully show that Dr. M’s pioneering research and contributions, would help alleviate world hunger and bring relief to millions of individuals worldwide. The Petition was filed in December and the Beneficiary received his Welcome Notice in February of the following year – a mere three months from start to finish!