I received the email confirming the approval of my VISA and I thank you for having forwarded it to me. The credentials committee meeting is being held tomorrow. In order to get me privileges, they just informed me that they need a notarized letter from you confirming the authenticity of my approval until they receive the package. My heart is so full of gratitude for your commendable work and dedication to my case. Merci!

Dr. Le G contacted us with a situation where she was currently in J Visa, but had already exhausted her H-1B period. She had no immigrant petition, or Labor Application that would have given her the ability to extend her H visa. The only option was an O-1 Visa. Dr. Le G contacted our office 20 days before the start of her Surgical Fellowship. So, time was of the essence. Given the complexity of the O-1 process, we worked diligently to make the deadline. The email from Dr. Le G is testament to our tireless efforts to obtain an approval on time.