Employment Based Green Card (EB3) w/Child Aging Out

2021-09-30T16:01:35+00:00Sep 29, 2021|

Hi Andres and Mr. Kidambi, I have been meaning to write to you for some time. This past labor day makes it 17 years in this country. I remember landing in JFK in 2004 on Labor day weekend. Thank you for being part of my journey in celebrating this 17th anniversary, especially with a [...]

EB-3 RIR Based Green Card Application; Software Engineer

2018-03-07T21:59:27+00:00Sep 23, 2015|

I just got notified that my Greencard application is approved. I greatly appreciate and thank you all at Kidambi for helping me overcome all the challenges. I have nothing but praises for all your staff who worked with me from time to time. --S. Ram, USA, E-mail

EB-2, I-140 – Experience Gained on the Job

2018-03-07T22:44:57+00:00Mar 17, 2015|

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The I-140 RFE was responded in a very delicate and professional way with attention given to every small detail. You kept me updated with the progress in the preparation of the response and how the time being spent on it was well worth [...]

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