I-140 Approval

2022-06-29T17:29:20+00:00Jun 29, 2022|

Dear Vaman, as you must be knowing S...’s I 140 is approved. Such a relief, thank you so so much for your time, guidance and patience through the process. - Shilpa, USA, E-mail

Long Standing IT Consulting Client Gives Firm Five Star Review

2022-05-26T20:36:34+00:00May 26, 2022|

I’ve worked with Attorney Vaman Kidambi and his team now for nearly 15 years for my personal and my consulting firm’s immigrations needs. They have successfully processed numerous challenging petitions for me and my team from H1B petitions to green cards. I’ve received steadfast support and dependable, unambiguous advice from Attorney Vaman and his team. [...]

H-1B Approval Premium processing

2019-03-13T15:10:16+00:00Mar 13, 2019|

Thank you so much for your hard work in defending her case. Awesome team work. Kudos to your efforts. Getting H1b approval is dream come true these days!!!!  -- Adam, USA, E-mail

H-1B Maxed Out; PERM Audited-I-140 Approval

2019-01-11T17:28:50+00:00Jan 11, 2019|

Dear Vaman, Yasmin, Andres, Thank you so much for this good news. On behalf of the company and my family, we appreciate your effort and support to make my case strong. Thank God! One more to go, H-1B. I'm sure we will overcome, since I know my case is in good hand 😊. -- Prakash, [...]

H1 approval

2019-01-04T12:50:23+00:00Jan 4, 2019|

Just wanted to thank you guys and Vaman for his help for the H1 approval process. It is always very stressful dealing with immigration related items. Please let Vaman know that I so much appreciate his help on the matter. - Arun, E-mail, USA


2018-09-26T17:32:52+00:00Sep 26, 2018|

We have received the EAD/AP cards for me and my wife. Thanks again for all the help.  You guys rock as always!!!  

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