Invalidation of Labor Certifications – What happens when the USCIS second guesses a certified PERM Application?

2012-11-22T12:29:27+00:00Nov 22, 2012|

Invalidation of Labor Certification by the DHS/Consulate (USCUS) is rare. At least two types of invalidations have occurred recently, both by the Nebraska Service Center of the USCIS. Authority can be traced to the regulations at 20 C.F. R. § 656.30(d): (d) Invalidation of labor certifications. After issuance, a labor certification may be revoked by ETA using [...]

AILA Survey and Consular Issues in H-1B Visa Issuance

2018-03-07T21:48:01+00:00Jan 31, 2012|

This office participated in an AILA survey for the  AILA/Department of State Liaison Committee for an upcoming meeting with DOS. The submission through this survey is not meant for individual case resolution, but rather is being used for an overall tracking of emerging problems and/or trends. We see definite problems with visa issuance at posts, [...]

AILA Requests USCIS Rescind Neufeld Memo

2018-03-07T21:47:27+00:00Mar 22, 2010|

In a well reasoned Memo, the American Immigration Lawyers Association has requested the USCIS rescind the Neufeld Memo dated January 8th . Of particular interest is the portion about IT Consulting companies. The Neufeld Memo refers to this segment of H-1B users pejoratively as "Job Shops". In fact, there is a legitimate need for such [...]

Neufeld Memo Outlines Employer-Employee Relationship in H-1B Context

2018-03-07T21:47:45+00:00Jan 13, 2010|

This memorandum is intended to provide guidance, in the context of H-1B petitions, on the requirement that a petitioner establish that an employer-employee relationship exists and will continue to exist with the beneficiary throughout the duration of the requested H-1B validity period. Given the confusion Computer Consulting Companies have faced recently, while documenting the employer-employee [...]

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