Does Change in Work Location Require an Amended Petition?

2014-10-07T13:18:54+00:00Oct 7, 2014|

First, we need to turn our attention to an Administrative Appeals Office decision dated June 29, 2013 from a Vermont Service Center denial. The AAO decision reiterates what the California Service Center stated during an AILA-CSC Liaison Meeting: AILA Info Net Doc. No. 11093037 (Posted 9/30/11): Q. Stakeholders report receiving Notices of Intent to Revoke [...]

Invalidation of Labor Certifications – What happens when the USCIS second guesses a certified PERM Application?

2012-11-22T12:29:27+00:00Nov 22, 2012|

Invalidation of Labor Certification by the DHS/Consulate (USCUS) is rare. At least two types of invalidations have occurred recently, both by the Nebraska Service Center of the USCIS. Authority can be traced to the regulations at 20 C.F. R. § 656.30(d): (d) Invalidation of labor certifications. After issuance, a labor certification may be revoked by ETA using [...]

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