O-1 Visa Approval

2022-02-03T15:28:09+00:00Feb 3, 2022|

I’m amazed but how quickly and professionally you handled this O-1 Visa for me Attorney Snyder. Thank you! Should’ve never went with another company. -- J. Bentley, USA, E-mail

O-1 Approval received for Tennis Professional

2018-03-09T11:52:06+00:00Mar 30, 2012|

We have received the approval notice for my O-1 today. Thank you very much for taking my case and working on it. You did a great job putting everything together and was very patient with me throughout the process.  Please thank everybody who helped with my case on my behalf. I look forward to working [...]

O-1 Outstanding category – Tennis Professional

2018-03-09T14:59:03+00:00Dec 1, 2009|

My wait for this has been long and arduous. Along the way, I called or wrote frustrating e-mails here and there. Thanks for tolerating me and thank you for making it a easier path in the end. I appreciate your time and effort. - Nessar.N., New York, NY

O-1 Visa – EB1 (Librarian)

2018-03-09T12:37:18+00:00Jun 9, 2006|

Vaman, Thank you for guiding me through the Green Card process. Your patience and compassion are very much appreciated. Just letting you know you are the best immigration lawyer in the land. - Barbara R., Raleigh, NC

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