P-1 For Tennis Professional

2018-03-08T23:00:48+00:00Jun 4, 2014|

Thanks so much for getting my visa sorted out and answering all my questions. I will refer people to you and thanks once again. Mike T, USA, E-mail

P-1 Letter

2018-03-09T12:03:18+00:00Feb 2, 2012|

Wow, I cannot believe what you have produced from all the various documents I sent you! Very impressive indeed and I hope the USCIS will think so too. -- Jacqui B.

P-1 Visa (Tennis Player)

2018-03-09T12:32:40+00:00Mar 15, 2006|

I have received the P1 visa and all is fine. I'd just like to Thank you for the effort that went into getting it processed and accepted. - Mathew S., Walla Walla, NSW, Australia

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