P3 for Bharatanatyam Dancer and Teacher

2018-03-13T02:30:44+00:00Jun 8, 2017|

For close to 20 years, this Office has been processing P-3 (culturally unique artists and entertainers) visas for the Cleveland Aradhana Festival and for several cultural organizations around the U.S. We were specifically asked to assist a small dance school sponsor a Bharathanatyam teacher to assist with certain Arangetrams planned for the Summer. We were [...]

P-3 for Cleveland Music Festival

2018-02-28T17:53:15+00:00Apr 13, 2017|

The Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana celebrates its 40th Anniversary in a town known more for its “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” than for celebrating Indian classical music! The artists performing at the Aradhana are extremely talented musicians as evidenced by the itinerary on display for this year. Each one has performed as a group [...]

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