Employment Based Case for Financial Controller and Family

2023-10-05T21:01:25+00:00Oct 5, 2023|

I wanted to call you personally and express my sincere gratitude for all the guidance you provided throughout the process.  I got much more than only legal support from you (the care, affection, patient responses to my queries, attention to detail and overall the calmness your presence created whenever I got the opportunity to interact [...]

5 Considerations When Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

2022-08-23T18:45:36+00:00Aug 23, 2022|

By Attorney Vaman Kidambi Let me start out by stating that the first thing you should do before hiring an immigration attorney is to check the attorney’s standing with the local Bar Association. This information is readily available online. For instance, attorneys admitted in New York State can be found on the New York State [...]

I-140 Approval

2022-06-29T17:29:20+00:00Jun 29, 2022|

Dear Vaman, as you must be knowing S...’s I 140 is approved. Such a relief, thank you so so much for your time, guidance and patience through the process. - Shilpa, USA, E-mail

PERM – Employment Based Green Card

2021-06-11T16:18:59+00:00Jun 11, 2021|

Our I-485 got approved finally, took 11 yr 5 months. We got the email approval notification last week and expecting the cards sometime this week. I started my journey with Vaman back in 2007, but we could start only in Sep 2009. We can't appreciate enough Vaman and entire his team's help and support in [...]

Employment Based Green Card w/Child Aging Out

2020-10-28T13:28:01+00:00Oct 28, 2020|

We are in receipt of the approval letter for our Green Card. Thank you for all your hard work with the applications and salvaging our case from the ashes . This is a big miracle and relief and it comes with a lot of gratefulness. Words cannot express all that I would like to [...]


2020-03-10T20:01:52+00:00Feb 10, 2020|

Just wanted to update you that our I-485 interview went well and now our online case status is showing "Case Was Approved". Hopefully we should expect receive our green cards in next couple of weeks. Thanks you very much for all the support and guidance you have provided to us. -- Anand, USA, E-mail [...]

PERM based employment case (EB3)

2020-02-06T14:36:57+00:00Feb 6, 2020|

We should expect receive our green cards in next couple of weeks. Thank you very much for all the support and guidance you have provided to us. -- -- Ajay, USA, E-mail

Employment based green card for Management Analyst

2019-07-18T15:27:55+00:00Jul 18, 2019|

Dear Mr. Vaman, I cannot thank you enough for your services that you have rendered on our behalf. I had a wonderful experience with you and your staff during this difficult time. I really appreciate all your patience in the tough times and understanding our situation. If it weren’t for your analytic skills and knowledge, [...]

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