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Our Mission is to provide individual service and careful attention to client needs. We believe, It is one thing to practice immigration law and quite another to be a dedicated client advocate. We strive, as an organization, to do the latter. So, we can proudly say that we are in the business of Serving Immigrants Serving America! ®

These are actual testimonials from our clients received by e-mail.  The names have been changed to protect privacy.


Green card

Aug 26, 2019|

Dear Vaman,
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your efforts. Despite the charged environment, thanks to you, my mother has been approved for permanent residency within seven months of her application. My sister has received the notification from your office that they have received her green card.

— Raj, USA, E-mail

Family Based Green Card – Citizen Sponsoring Spouse

Aug 23, 2019|

I noticed that my case changed to new card in production. I’m so excited! Thanks for the help.

— Nina, USA, E-mail

Employment Based Green Card – Biochemist (EB3 – South Korea)

Aug 23, 2019|

Today, I had the green card interview and it was good.  Officer said that everything of my interview is fine and passed in his office today.

Best regards,



Aug 23, 2019|

Dear Vaman,

Just wanted to let you know that my wife had her interview yesterday. She received her certificate of naturalization in the afternoon. Thank you so much for your and your team’s help throughout the process.

— Carlos, USA, E-mail

Family Based GC – Citizen Sponsoring Parent

Aug 12, 2019|

Her interview went smoothly and they verbally told us that she is approved and to expect the green card in the mail in a week or two.

Thank you very much for all your help.

It has been pleasure working with you.

— Nirmala, USA, E-mail

N400 interview and Naturalization

Jul 30, 2019|

Dear Attorney Vaman and Teresa,

Yesterday, I completed my N400 interview and received the naturalization certificate. Thank you for all your help with this process.

— Bhavna, USA, E-mail

Employment based green card for Management Analyst

Jul 18, 2019|

Dear Mr. Vaman, I cannot thank you enough for your services that you have rendered on our behalf. I had a wonderful experience with you and your staff during this difficult time. I really appreciate all your patience in the tough times and understanding our situation.

If it weren’t for your analytic skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn’t have been settled by now.

Me and my family will always be eternally grateful to you for all of your efforts.

— Vinod, USA, E-mail

H-1B Premium Processing Approval

Jul 11, 2019|

Good morning – Wow , that was quick . Thx for the great news this morning.

— Atul, USA, E-mail

I-140 Approval

Jun 17, 2019|

Hi Vaman,

Great job by you and your team on this one — and great result!  I’m delighted!

— Winters. C., USA, E-mail

Premium Processing L1A Approval

May 28, 2019|

Excellent .. You made my day! As always, you are a Star..! I firmly believe Vaman’s secret sauce is his team!

— Ravi, USA, E-mail

Citizenship of my parents

May 8, 2019|

Dear Mr. Kidambi,

Wanted to inform you that both my parents took their naturalization oath and are now US Citizens.

Thanks a lot for their application filing, much appreciated.

— Sunit, USA, E-mail


Apr 19, 2019|

Yesterday we had our N-400 interview. It went well and we are now American citizens.

Thank you and your staff for all your help and support.

— Sundar, USA, E-mail

PERM Approved

Apr 8, 2019|

This is TRULY GREAT NEWS! Congratulations!
I want to extend a special thanks to Vaman Kidambi for so skillfully helping us through some of the difficulties we faced.

— Sam, USA, E-mail

Complicated H-1B and H-4 Case

Mar 22, 2019|

Hi Vaman,

This is one of the heartwarming part of our jobs!  Thanks sooo much for the help of you and your staff on this one!

— Dave, USA, E-mail

P-3 visa approval

Mar 21, 2019|

Thanks to your guidance, the new visa petition is approved.

— Venu, USA, E-mail

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