We have received credible reports from clients and other practitioners that the number of site visits targeting Consulting companies has increased significantly in the past several weeks.

Employees should be made aware that site inspectors could call on them at the end client site unannounced. When this happens, employees must politely ask to see the site inspectors’ badge and id. They should also write down the officer’s name, email id and phone number for future contact.
Site inspectors are not adjudicators and are instead charged with gathering information. Therefore, instead of panicking when this happens, employees should be counseled to treat it just as they would a traffic stop. Identify yourself and respond to any question(s) pertaining to your H-1B status.

Employees should defer questions about the employer’s business, net income, number of employees, organizational hierarchy, etc., to the H.R. manager or H.R. contact within the employer organization.

A failed site visit will result in either a Notice of Intent to Deny (in the case of pending petition), or a Notice of Intent to Revoke in the case of an approved petition. In both instances, Kidambi & Associates, P.C. will assist your organization respond and overcome this challenge.