Can I use a J Visa to Work as a Teacher?

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The J visa would limit you to one-year terms at the most and be restricted to three years. It would also restrict your ability to apply for permanent resident status in the U.S. For case specific analysis, kindly contact the Office for an appointment.

Both my wife and I have J-1 visas. However, her J-1 [IAP-66] does not have the § 212(e) home country residence requirement. Why? Does this mean we can change status without having to go back home?

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I have a strong feeling that the notation on the IAP-66 may be an error. Please note that it is not binding on an USCIS inspector or examiner, or consular officer. They could still look at the underlying facts and find your spouse subject to the 2-year requirement.

I am very close to obtaining my EAD. My wife is a doctor and wants to do her residency. She intends to join a Residency program on J-1 Visa. Comments.

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The J visa is accorded to a non-immigrant, having no intention of abandoning foreign residence. He or she is treated as an exchange visitor and is subject to, in most instances, a two-year "foreign residency" requirement upon completion of his or her designated period of stay in the U.S. For Foreign Medical Graduates, this corresponds [...]

Can I avoid the two-year home country residence requirement for J visa holders? I have a J Visa issued by the AIESEC.

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There is a limitation on the J-1 Visa that requires the incumbent to fulfill a 2 year home country residence requirement pursuant to Section 212(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. However, not all J-1 Visas have this limitation. You must first determine whether the J-1 visa issued by AIESEC has this limitation. In the [...]

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