H1-B running out of time

2018-02-25T17:37:59+00:00Jan 10, 2013|

For one of our Spanish speaking clients… Uno de nuestros clientes estaba por completar seis años en la clasificación H-1B. La Aplicación de Trabajo Permanente (“PERM”) estaba en proceso; sin embargo, el Departamento de Trabajo emitió una Auditoria. La auditoria causó que se retrasara la Petición Migratoria para nuestro cliente. El Departamento de Trabajo [...]

H-1B Petition for Management Analyst-Healthcare Operations (w/ Master’s in Healthcare Administration)

2018-02-25T21:58:34+00:00Oct 3, 2012|

Hi Yasmin, Looks like his H-1B is approved. Thanks for all your efforts and patience. -- V.P.– Legal Compliance Manager IT Consulting Company Attainment of an H-1B approval for a unique occupation is always challenging. An occupation that is unique and “in transition”, proved even more so for an H-1B for a Management Analyst-Healthcare [...]

H-1B Approval

2018-03-13T16:08:54+00:00Nov 2, 2011|

Congrats! Kantan got approved I got an email this morning from the USCIS. Was a little worried without the end client letter, but we also had the confidence that we were in good hands! Thanks for taking care!  --  Santosh P, CFO IT Consulting Company Documenting ‘Employer-Employee Relationship’ in the H-1B context has become [...]

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