RFE – The Acronym that Continues to Confound and Bewilder Practitioners

2023-06-09T18:05:53+00:00Jan 9, 2023|

Attorney Vaman Kidambi shares insights into the confusion surrounding "Requests for Evidence" (RFEs) and how seemingly extremely similar, if not identical, cases result in different outcomes, urging USCIS to reengage with stakeholders on this issue. https://thinkimmigration.org/blog/2022/11/30/rfe-the-acronym-that-continues-to-confound-and-bewilder-practitioners/

Invalidation of Labor Certifications – What happens when the USCIS second guesses a certified PERM Application?

2012-11-22T12:29:27+00:00Nov 22, 2012|

Invalidation of Labor Certification by the DHS/Consulate (USCUS) is rare. At least two types of invalidations have occurred recently, both by the Nebraska Service Center of the USCIS. Authority can be traced to the regulations at 20 C.F. R. § 656.30(d): (d) Invalidation of labor certifications. After issuance, a labor certification may be revoked by ETA using [...]

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