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We take great pride in showcasing some of our interesting cases.  Our dedication and diligence paid off and we received the highest client rating and satisfaction.

Interventional Radiologist (H-1B) – O-1 Visa Followed by National Interest Waiver (NIW)

The Physician Resident was running out of H-1B time and approached us because a previous I-140 Petition (NIW) seeking a waiver of the job offer – INA § 203(b)(2)(B), had just been denied. His 6 years were up and he had no way of extending his H-1B. He was also on the verge of losing a very valuable fellowship. All in all, he was a desperate man looking for a crack team to solve his problems. The first task [...]

Immediate Relative (VAWA granted for Male Client)

Our office recently processed a case for an abused, male spouse under the VAWA statutes that were seemingly only written to address abuse to females hence the title, Violence Against Women Act. The VAWA statutes can be applied to violence against men, but only in rare circumstances are they approved. During our initial consultation, the Client expressed a desire to leave the U.S. and return home where he would be safe. We convinced him that not only should he stay, [...]

H1-B running out of time

For one of our Spanish speaking clients… Uno de nuestros clientes estaba por completar seis años en la clasificación H-1B. La Aplicación de Trabajo Permanente (“PERM”) estaba en proceso; sin embargo, el Departamento de Trabajo emitió una Auditoria. La auditoria causó que se retrasara la Petición Migratoria para nuestro cliente. El Departamento de Trabajo cuestionaba las necesidades del Empleador, los requerimientos minimos de la posición, al igual que las obligaciones laborales. En este caso, nuestra Oficina sometió una Aplicación [...]

U.S. Citizen Reunited with Foreign Spouse – Hardship Waiver Avoided

We were approached by the Client when her family (U.S. Citizen sponsoring Spouse) based petition for an Immigrant Visa was denied by the Consulate and the Applicant found inadmissible pursuant to INA § 212(a)(2)(A)(I) – “a crime involving moral turpitude (other than a purely political offense or an attempt or conspiracy to commit such a crime.)” The Consulate provided the Applicant with the following option: “Obtain a waiver (commonly referred to as a Hardship Waiver on Form I-601) under Section [...]

H1B For Hospital ‘Related to or Affiliated with an Institution of Higher Education’

Our Client is one of the largest hospital health delivery systems in the country. The hospitals in the system are managed by a ‘Management Group’ specifically created for this purpose and with a complex set of affiliations with the hospitals and institutions of higher education. Medical Residents are hired by the Management Group to work at various hospitals in the system. The California Service Center began demanding documentation to establish ‘affiliation’ based on a very restrictive interpretation of the [...]

H-1B for Stand Alone Hospital Provider (“third-party petitioner”) based on ‘Qualifying Institution’

A third party petitioner is one who petitions on behalf of an H-1B worker who will work “at” a qualifying institution, but where the alien is or will be employed by the third party petitioner, not the qualifying institution. In this case the Client is a private practice with Offices on the campus of the medical facility and is engaged in training Medical Residents allowing them to be part of faculty at the medical facility. They see themselves as [...]

H-1B Petition for Management Analyst-Healthcare Operations (w/ Master’s in Healthcare Administration)

Hi Yasmin, Looks like his H-1B is approved. Thanks for all your efforts and patience. -- V.P.– Legal Compliance Manager IT Consulting Company Attainment of an H-1B approval for a unique occupation is always challenging. An occupation that is unique and “in transition”, proved even more so for an H-1B for a Management Analyst-Healthcare Operations. In Matter of Caron International Inc., it was determined that where occupations are in transition, employers may be able to establish a position is [...]

Extraordinary Ability – Multinational Executive/Manager (EB1C)

This is great A___!! Yasmin....many thanks for all your work on this. I am grateful for your help. I received my approval notice (welcome letter) and email that the GC has been mailed via USPS. I should be receiving the physical card in a couple of days. THANKS A LOT to both of you (and everyone else involved) for your patience and help with getting this through. Mr. A___ initially entered the U.S. in L-1A status. Subsequently his status [...]

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