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We take great pride in showcasing some of our interesting cases.  Our dedication and diligence paid off and we received the highest client rating and satisfaction.

EB-1A Approval for an “International Business Manager” with EB2 priority date porting

EB-1A Approval for an "International Business Manager" with EB2 priority date porting. Incredible win for Kidambi & Associates, P.C. We put our clients first and the results show for themselves!

BALCA Appeal Sustained (BALCA Case: 2016-PER-00775); Position: Marketing Analyst

“I have to say we are quite surprised to have received the letter. We were under the impression that having a denial reversed was close to impossible. Any information you are able to provide will be greatly appreciated.” This was a breakthrough for the Firm in that we successfully handle hundreds of Labor Certification applications for clients and felt this application deserved being approved from the start. The employer had rejected an applicant for the position for valid job-related reasons. However, [...]

EB-1A; Investment/Management Analyst for Institutional Equity Management Firm

“ Thank you for the help with this. This is obviously a defining moment for anyone's career and life. It would be interesting to see which prongs they ultimately approved.  Maybe they share the details in the notice. In any case, I shall bring some wine when I see you guys later this week for the I-485 submission.” This Client was frustrated with the lack of movement in visa numbers for India and already had an approved Immigrant Petition (I-140) [...]

L-1B for Data Analytics Company

Thank you so much for working on my case and getting this approved. It means a lot to me. Given the constantly changing Visa process under the new administration, I am fairly cognizant of how challenging this would have been. Keep doing the great work and help shape peoples dreams. Thanks a ton. Vaman: Thanks for overseeing this towards the end and all the support and guidance you provided. While we are connected on Linkedin and your blogs are educational [...]

P3 for Bharatanatyam Dancer and Teacher

For close to 20 years, this Office has been processing P-3 (culturally unique artists and entertainers) visas for the Cleveland Aradhana Festival and for several cultural organizations around the U.S. We were specifically asked to assist a small dance school sponsor a Bharathanatyam teacher to assist with certain Arangetrams planned for the Summer. We were able to work very closely with the leadership of the nonprofit organization (requiring a lot of hand holding) in organizing the paperwork required to process [...]

P-3 for Cleveland Music Festival

The Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana celebrates its 40th Anniversary in a town known more for its “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” than for celebrating Indian classical music! The artists performing at the Aradhana are extremely talented musicians as evidenced by the itinerary on display for this year. Each one has performed as a group and individually over several years at the Aradhana and brings a wealth of talent to their unique art form. This year in fact promises to [...]

EB-1B-Outstanding Researcher/Professor- Systems Pharmacology

EB-1B – Outstanding Researcher/Professor Field: Systems Pharmacology – a marriage of two parallel universes - Systems Biology and Pharmacokinetics - Pharmacodynamics (PKPD). The initial petition for this Client was prepared by the largest Immigration Law Firm in the Country and was summarily denied by the USCIS. The Law Firm told our client that he should just go with an EB-2 Petition since they did not think he rose to the level of an Outstanding Researcher. First, we discovered the [...]

EB-1B – Outstanding Researcher/Professor- Field: Light Scattering and Rheology of Complex Fluids

EB-1B – Outstanding Researcher/Professor Field: Light Scattering and Rheology of Complex Fluids Cite: Matter of T-C-S-C, ID# 13183 (AAO Sep 28, 2015) Case: LIN 14 908 13202 The initial petition filed by our Office was denied by the Service. The reasons were cursory and showed a complete lack of understanding of the field and Beneficiary's formidable achievements as an Outstanding Researcher. More importantly, the USCIS completely ignored the Petitioner's profile and standing in the field as a leader in [...]

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