Question on PR status and travel

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We got our greencards in 2007 thanks goes to you for this. My Son turned 15 and I've read that "children who reach 14 must file an application to replace their green card". We leave to go to Australia on Vacation in 65 Days. Is there enough time to do this? Is the current card [...]

Misc Family Based Application Questions

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Right now the visa bulletin shows the current date as Jan 2010 for Family-Based 2A category. Dose that mean If anyone filing I-130 & I-485 for spouse will be getting GC with in a year ? When can a GC holder file I-130 & I 485 for spouse ? After filing I-130 & I 485 [...]

What financial information should we submit along with the Affidavit of Support? My spouse has no education – will that matter?

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Consulates may seek additional documentation and you may have to produce them. The additional documents could range from title/mortgage documents showing property owned to recent bank statements showing the availability of immediate funds. As mentioned in an earlier answer to a similar question, more is always better in these instances. The lack of education may [...]

My friend and his wife have some differences. However, they were married in good faith and he obtained a Conditional Green Card. Can he now obtain his Green Card if their marriage ends in divorce?

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Unfortunately, your friend has the onerous task of overcoming a presumption in the law that allows married citizens to obtain a Green Card [Alien Registration Card] in the first place. The presumption is that all marriages are 'sham' marriages, unless proved otherwise. The two-year conditional permanent residence is a probationary period and the marriage must [...]

What is the maximum stay allowed for stay outside U.S for Green Card Holders with out obtaining the Re-Entry Permit.

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Permanent residents are required to maintain permanent residence in the U.S. Any absence abroad that extends beyond six months raises the presumption that the Green Card holder has abandoned his or her permanent residence in the U.S. The Green Card holder then has the burden of overcoming this presumption when he/she attempts to re enter [...]

What Happens if Spouse is not Included in I-485 Adjustment? Will Filing an I-130 Grant Status to Remain in the US?

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The I-485 for the spouse can and will be adjudicated only if dates are current, which would immediately allow the principal to file a dependent application to adjust status. Also, the spouse would be able to accompany/join the principal if her name was included in the I-140, or the marriage happened prior to adjudication. [...]

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