My OPT extension started from June of this year I had been working since then. But the client is deferring their project to next year and hence wants all contractors to go back. Does an Unpaid Internship or Volunteering be considered as unemployed or emp

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In SEVP's OPT 2010 Policy Guidance, Section 7.2.1 (p. 17-18) states, in part: “Unpaid employment. A student may work as a volunteer or unpaid intern, where this practice does not violate any labor laws. The work must be at least 20 hours per week for a student on post-completion OPT. A student must be able [...]

How Do I report/return my uncollected I-94, Arrival-Departure Card?

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An uncollected I-94, Arrival Departure Card becomes the responsibility of the visitor. Not having it entered, or properly recorded in the Customs and Border Patrol System could result in secondary inspection, delays and potential denial of entry during a subsequent visit. At a minimum, the card and information should be sent to: ACS – CBP [...]

I am a Canadian Citizen. What are my nonimmigrant options?

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You have several options: A non immigrant visa to work in the US under NAFTA as a professional A non-immigrant visa to work in the US in a specialty occupation as an H-1B professional. [Minimum is a bachelor's degree in the field of endeavor] A non-immigrant student visa which will allow her to work 20 [...]

I am a freelance medical writer currently registered and living in France. What is the best visa for entry into the U.S.?

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Most visa categories currently available for work in the United States are geared to assist U.S. businesses hire international workers. Freelancing may not be possible unless you are a journalist being sent here by a foreign publication [again, in a very limited sense]. However, if you have outstanding ability in your field of endeavor you [...]

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