Can i apply H4 EAD and H1B same time?

2018-03-13T02:53:19+00:00Mar 13, 2018|

You may apply for H-4 EAD and H-1B for Consular Processing for your spouse at the same time. This way, you have the option of choosing one while keeping the other status until you choose to give it up. H-1B consular approval will require your spouse to apply for a Visa abroad.

Once I have obtained the E1 visa, can I switch to a different company in the US without having to leave the country?

2018-03-03T00:04:15+00:00Mar 3, 2018|

The E-1 [Treaty Trader] visa is issued to persons entering the U.S. solely to carry on substantial trade principally between U.S. and the Foreign State of which s/he is a national. There is no bar on extending your status or transfer to another employer. However, the USCIS will have to authorize the transfer and employment [...]

What can we do when a visitor’s visa is denied?

2018-03-03T00:02:23+00:00Mar 3, 2018|

Consulates usually follow a certain procedure when visas are refused. However, Consular Officers should not refuse visa applicants on substantive grounds without first giving the applicant an opportunity to be interviewed in person When refusing a visa application, consular officers should inform the applicant of the section of the law under which the visa was [...]

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