Can an F-1student enroll for less than full-time classes?

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The answer to this question is not simple. The student may be permitted by the Designated School Official to enroll for less than full-time where it is recommended for academic reasons or due to the student's illness [I guess a complicated pregnancy qualifies]. The regulations are not specific as to how long a student may [...]

Misc Student Visa Questions

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My friend's son wants to come to U.S. for higher studies or employment. He will be completing his BE Btech. What steps he needs to take - 1. For coming to U.S. to do his M.S. in Computer Science. -- He must immediately obtain admission to an M.S. program from an accredited U.S. University. This [...]

Do I respond to a Request for Evidence?

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Since you have already filed an application for change of status it is important that you respond to the Request for Evidence from the USCIS. Not doing so could affect an application for a visa at the U.S. Consulate.

Can I file a Green Card Application while I am still a student?

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Yes, however, it may be unlikely that you will receive your Permanent Residency before your OPT expires. This could be a problem if you plan on continuing in school or extending your F status. Indicating you are in intending immigrant renders you ineligible for extensions of your F student visa. There may be additional complications [...]

Question about I-20 and grace period expiration

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I'm an international student.  I received a notice that my I-20 expired this year that the University did not notify me until after passing of the grace period of 60 days during which reinstatement could take place.  The university is asking me to leave the US and try to enter again with a new I-20 [...]

I am on F1 visa and my wife is green card holder. Should I apply for green card now or wait till my wife becomes citizen after 2 years?

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You could have your spouse petition (file an Immigrant Petition) for you immediately under the Family Based (2A) category. According to the Visa Bulletin for July 2012, it appears the backlog for India is approximately 2 years. However, numbers could move rapidly. If this happens, you could be looking at filing an Application for adjustment [...]

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